Animals And Birds In Wildlife Of Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the favourite destinations for the enthusiast of wild-life. This place is home to many exotic, as well as endangered animal varieties as well as plant species. Hemis National Park is located in Ladakh. It is one of the few high altitude national parks in the entire country. It is also the second largest national park in the nation and only one of its kind in the region of Himalayan. That is one of the best places to see a snow leopard. There are more than 73 species of birds, most of which are migratory in nature.

Here is a list of some of the exotic wildlife animals of Leh Ladakh:

1) Snow Leopard

A threatened species on IUCN red list, due to its declining population. Snow Leopard is found only in the ranges of the mountain of Central and Southern Asia. Across the globe, it is said, there are just 10,000 snow leopards left. Ladakh is also merely known to be as the Capital of Snow Leopards.

The ideal period to get hold of a view of these leopards is from March to October. The significant spots are the national part that is Hemis National Park, Ule Phu, Matho, Skindyang village, and Ney Phu. It is also so much difficult to spot a Snow Leopard for they camouflage brilliantly with the full of ice. The time they come out is towards the winter when there is also hunting for food.

2) Bactrian Camel

A Bactrian camel that is found in abundance in the Central part of Asia. It has two humps on its back, just like the usual camels which are single-humped ones. The name of the camel comes from the place Bactria, which is an ancient name given to the region covering the entire region of Afghanistan.

The peculiarity of this camel species that they have high endurance for extreme weathers no matter whether it is cold or hot. For long Bactrian camels were used by travellers across entire Asia, for travelling as well as the carrier of goods. The place is called by the name as Hunder in Nubra valley in Ladakh is a centre of these animals and also provide an opportunity for a camel trek.

3) Wild Yak

An extensive and comprehensive yak which is found in the Himalayan region it is an endemic species. The animal is listed in the vulnerable list of IUCN. They are the second largest bovid. It is estimated that there are just 10 thousand Wild Yaks left across the globe. They could be found mostly at alpine tundra or treeless uplands. The predation by the Tibetan wolf and Snow Leopard is the major crisis that Wild Yaks are facing as of now. They could be seen in the herds. They also face the threat of poaching. Wild Yaks are left only in a few places, one of the places is Ladakh.

4) Himalayan Marmot

Marmots resemble squirrels in the entire appearance. Mostly they are mostly as of now found in the mountainous region and live in burrows. In the case of frigid climate, they even help in hibernate and will not come out of these small burrows. Marmots are as big as domesticated cats. It is also being said that the Marmots dig their burrows where there is a presence of Gold. It is very difficult to spot marmots for they always hide inside their burrows. One place where they could be found in abundance is the pass of Khardungla.

5) Himalayan Brown Bear

The commonest of all bears, brown bear which can be easily found in Europe and Asia in abundance. It is also being listed as an animal with Least Concern in IUCN list, though at many places it has become extinct at a local level. The total number of brown bears are considered to be around with the 2 lakh across the world. Moreover, Himalayan Brown bears which is calls for serious concern as it is much more endangered critically. Poaching is one threat they are facing. Brown bear is found in some of the major areas in Leh, which is Drass, Suru, Zanskar, and Kargil.

Ladakh has its own beauty and quite eye-catching wildlife.

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