Under House Arrest After Being Internet Crush Overnight

The national crush of the country Priya Prakash Varrier discloses her plight after the overnight stardom. After the release of the trailer for her latest film “Oru Adar Love”, releasing this valentines day, in which there is a scene where she winks at her co-star Roshan Abdul Rahoof. It is this very wink that caught the hearts of millions. Her social media followers rapidly increased overnight. She became the national crush within days after the release of the trailer.

In her recent interview, she described the impact of this sudden stardom as overwhelming. She was kept away from her phone and social media etc out of fear. Her parents were perplexed and distressed regarding her safety. As reporters and random people started approaching their house to meet her. These people never announced their arrival or called to inform them, so it was a bit aggravating. So she was put under house arrest for her own safety and these random reporters were sent away. Her interviews all taken from her college, with permission. She said that her family and she were very surprised and precarious about what to do, initially. But it seems now that the situation is under control. 

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