Gully Boy: Apna Time Aagaya

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Gully Boy seems to be the next talk of the town, the day since its songs have been released. The top-notch promotions have made the cast and the movie almost impossible to ignore. The trending slogans of “Apna Time Ayega” are on everyone’s tip of the tongue. Even after all this, if you are wondering why you should go to watch this movie, then there is a queue.

Gully boy is a movie which is written and directed by Zoya Akhtar. Pertaining to the fact that this movie is one of the few in the Indian industry to be made by a female counterpart. it shows the equal and fair representation of the female lead. It provides almost equal screen place to Alia. The movie shows her character to be bold and strong as she can stand up for herself even in the times of odd. It shows that a hijab cannot tame as well as meeken the voice of a woman.

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Against all odds, a street style rapper Murad is shown to rise to fame. It holds the message that even after the nepotism factor in the industry, true talent shines none the less.

The music of the movie is a huge success already & surely rubs off the energy on the audience. It focusses on the authentic and strong lyrics which resonate with the situation of characters that they are in. This movie also shows the integrity of the poor section that lives in slums. It also sings about the plight of domestic abuse and constant craving for freedom.

This movie deals with multiple layers that can be bifurcated with the lens of thoughtful thinking of the audience. It also tells the masses about the Indian hip hop that not many people vividly know about.

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This movie has some actual substance to it rather than the prevalent table top masala of Bollywood. It is packed with entertainment as well as multiple underlying messages of the youth which stands out to be the true & relevant scenarios. There is simply nothing fake about this movie and it will be a delightful and fulfilling experience for all.

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