7 Applications Millennials Cannot Live Without

We all are aware of the fact that phones and computers play a significant role in our day to day life. How millennials are obsessed and chained to these technologies. Moreover, what makes our devices more valuable are the different applications which have formed a place in our lives and in our heart. If someone says that we can live without it then the chance of lying is more as for maximum people. The phone and its applications are not just some sources of entertainment, but they have become our necessity.

So, here are 7 applications that millennials cannot live without:

1) WhatsApp

Even without any explanation, everyone will agree to this that living without WhatsApp, if not impossible, is for sure difficult. From school students forming a group on WhatsApp to discuss their group project to the office workers staying updated about the upcoming meeting, everything happens on WhatsApp. It seems like the majority of our communication takes place on WhatsApp no matter with whom we want to communicate.

2) YouTube

Feeling bored? Why not watch some videos on YouTube! This video sharing website which was founded in 2005, has gained a number of users, who use it every day. Not only for the purpose of entertainment but for almost every purpose. From getting an easy to cook recipe video to understanding the difficult theorems of Maths, you can find every type of video available on YouTube.

3) Google Maps

Not all of us are good with the roads and directions. It is then that Google Maps comes as a saviour, which helps us in multiple ways. It shows us the best route to our destination along with traffic conditions and alternative ways to reach our destination on time.

4) Facebook

With the success of Facebook, a huge number of users started using social media for communication. Even though its popularity has been affected. But we cannot deny the fact that many people still use it today and cannot live without it.

5) Twitter

All major actors, politicians, companies, famous personalities and many common people have Twitter handle as it provides with the authentic information and news. Most of the time, to confirm a piece of news or information we go to Twitter. To check its authenticity which makes it an app important for all of us.

6) Instagram

This app has its own perks, as users are loving the idea of uploading the photos and videos from their day to day life and communicating it to the world. Just like many other apps, it has become a multi-purpose platform where people are posting everything from a funny video or photo of their pets to advertisements of different products, etc.

7) Google Chrome

Even if there are two to three web browsers on our device. We still always tend to use Google Chrome. It is a safe browser and has great speed where you can even customize it to make it more personal. This makes it more lovable and likeable among the users.

These were some of the application without which millennials cannot survive. And no doubt these apps with amazing features have made our life easier, so who won’t use them.

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