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Jewellery To Flatter Your Needs To Buy From Nykaa

Nykaa is famous for not only its make up range, but also its jewellery and self-care range. After all, a woman should always pamper herself. And, of course, flaunt her looks. And Jewellery is nothing but a compliment to what and who you already are. Nykaa’s Jewellery collection is at par and they have some beyond amazing jewellery. Here is what I liked when I scrolled through –

Bracelets –

Bracelets are beautiful. They add charm to the wrist and in India, it is said ‘Kalaiyan sukhi nahi honi chahiye‘ meaning the wrists should never be ‘dry’. This bracelet is the combination of black and gold that is always a classy look. This will do in a party and as regular wear too. A date or an outing is perfect with these on your hands, and they will go with almost anything. Here is another great option –

And another –

Earrings –

I love how these earrings are essentially spherical but have subtle circles inside them and that makes them look polygonal. This is a great evening wear and is the rich golden colour which looks sassy with a little black dress if you ask me.

The ones below are just amazing. They are the traditional Jumkha but with a ring around it and that makes them unique.

If you are like me who wears earrings all the time, these black studs are the perfect all time wear. Square is a very elegant and classy lady shape.

But for marriages and social functions, these peacock spectrum danglers are awe-inspiring!

So are these! –

Belly Chains –

Waist chains give someone all the more reason to give a fleeting glance. And they are pretty much in trend right now. But I prefer my waist chains very simple and not overly baroque. We don’t need that chain to take up all the attention now, do we? More such chains are available on Nykaa and let me quickly go there and order them all.

OK, I am back. But while I was there, I ordered this too. (I might have a shopping problem)

Wrist Chains –

Body chains are good, but have you seen this elegant cross-breeding of waist chains with bracelets? They just don’t let you look away!

Triangle is a very corporate shape, and Joker and Witch have a great collection on Nykaa

Anklets –

Speaking of,

Wrist chains – foot chains. Oh god! chains should be everywhere. Hold my beer; let me go order this beauty too.

Necklaces –

Multi-layered chains are a great option to wear above very simple deep necked t-shirt. The best thing about it is that I leave no part of the neck empty, and yet doesn’t look too heavy. Elegant and simple, multi-layered chains make a regular or work outfit turn into an evening outfit.

But single layer lockets can be a god sent. Look at this one I have fallen in love with, it’s just WOW –

Chokers –

I would call chokers the opposite of these multi-layered chains, and yet they are as sexy as ever. I don’t think chokers even have the capability to ever go out of style. Look at this traditional touch –

And these one’s English touch –

Rings –

Is any Jewellery list ever complete without a ring? Rings may be one of the smallest jewellery a woman can adorn, but lady, it is the most essential one. This leaf ring, in particular, is to die for. No amount of rings you own is ever going to be enough, believe me. And the reason this ring list isn’t long is that Nykaa has sooo many sooo beautiful rings that I cannot even begin to show them here. But you can go and check them out!

Sets –

Although Nykaa’s Necklace sets are just as long and pretty as the rings set, this particular set is just too pretty to not add here. Sets are perfect for weddings and occasions and parties. This set is heavy, but not overdoing it. Elegant, and not loud, and geometrical, which, I could never miss!

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