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Complete Makeup Kit Collection From Nykaa

Nykaa offers a wide range of products, and often these products also come in sets. For those who are regular makeup users, the makeup kits available on Nykaa are a boon.

There are certain reasons why one must buy a set instead of individual and singular items. Even though sometimes people think that hand-selected items bought separately are better. You can choose which company you want for each makeup product. This way you know what works best for you and you can use your favourite products in your selected colours.

However, neither is this true, nor economical. An entire kit is much cheaper, faster to buy and easier to handle than products that come separately. But even if we do not concern ourselves with that, the main difference is compatibility. Each product that you love, even if is excellent on its own, may not gel well with others. The results are a mix and match of either too much nourishment or undernourishment. When you buy a whole kit, each product does the task assigned to it, and the rest is taken up by the other products.

These kits are made so that when you use one, the other works perfectly to either adjust to it or to compliment it. This is just like a facial kit, where all creams need to be in the right order and the right amount. Changing anything gives slower and not satisfactory results. So pick a company you are most comfortable with and use only that company’s products. Your skin will get used to it and it will also give better performance, instead of torturing your skin with different stuff each time.

The following are some great kits available on Nykaa –

L’Oreal Paris is a great company and most commonly known for its party makeup range (and great shampoo :). This Sabyasachi x L’oreal kit is a limited edition collection and it contains :

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Sabyasachi Collection – 214 Raspberry Syrup, LOreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Sabyasachi Mascara, L’Oreal Paris Superliner Black Lacquer Sabyasachi Collection andFree L’Oreal Paris Sabyasachi Makeup Pouch

LOreal offers other kits too.  A more regular collection is this festive kit. The addition of foundation is always an important factor –

If you are looking for more economic options, the best range is offered by Maybelline, and you will get a lot of combinations in it too:

Maybelline’s kits are more economical, suitable for various purposes and occasions and of course, has your make up palette part of it too. It is specifically designed for the occasion and your role. If you are the bride, your kit will be different than your bridesmaid’s. And Maybelline knows that.  Maybelline offers a more complete set and also a wide range. Check out these ranges at Nykaa.

Speaking of, Nykaa has its own kits too, and they are pretty amazing as well :

The Nykaa Royal Affair Combo IS THE BEST. And most economic so far. It is a 360 solution and a step farther than Maybelline – it also has nail polishes! Plural! So now you do not have to select from one, go get it all girl! This kit also has a free lipstick with it, I mean besides the ones it is already providing, and not to mention that gorgeous pouch! Truly Royal indeed!

My second favourite is the Diva Next Door collection. It comes with a blush duo too, and Oh that gorgeous clutch! It alone is why you should by the set! This kit is more all round in the sense that it has one of everything, even the things that our royal kit misses out.

Lakme is no behind. The Lakme gold essentials combo is Gold indeed. It is a set of master shades and classy products. All of which will give you the fiery look you would look perfect it. A lot of other such combo’s are available on Nykaa, so go and choose yours!

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