Tolerance And Friendship Is A Must Between India-Pakistan-Malala

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai said that the only way the relationship can be improved between these nations is by, tolerance, friendship and love.

When asked from her about the different aspects which are going nowadays is about Shiv Sena, which was protecting against Pakistani artist, leaders coming g to India she said- “it’s a tragic thing which is happening nowadays, that there is so much intolerance in the society. People are much more bothered about themselves only, they are not respecting each other. If you want both the countries to maintain peace and dignity then it’s important to follow these factors and work together”.

Malala also said that it’s being a proud moment for her to receive Nobel prize with famous child activist Kailash Satyarthi.

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He had so much ambition to improve relations between India-Pakistan. Just two people from different countries. It should not stop you from becoming friends and work together for such a Noble cause. Even we are from different countries doesn’t mean we can’t work together. People also want Malala to become PM of the country so that she can work for the betterment of people. She will be a changing woman to improve the relations between India-Pakistan.

Malala also urges to work together for the betterment of Kashmir as well, which has been a boil in the last two months.

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