Microsoft To Help Blinds Read And Explore

All the work that we do, all the things that we see, all the beautiful creations of God, that we have ever cherished, requires our vision. Our eyes thought taken for granted every time and everywhere, are the most important part of our senses. Just imagine a world without them.

There are people who have lost this blessing. But it’s for companies like Microsoft that help them to stay connected to the world. Microsoft developed an application, which when downloaded and installed, let’s a limited vision and blind people hear the visual data. It basically converts the visuals to audio-based feedback that the blind ones can listen to. Well, this was one and a half year ago.

Microsoft Seeing AI is the name of the app. The latest addition to the software is, users can now use the “touch to explore” to know more about objects and people in photos. This is possible by the scene and objects recognition algorithms that the software uses. All the users need to do is take the photo about which the information is to searched about or open up in the viewer and tap anywhere. And then it just describes the image. There are few improvements to the interface as well, to make it more user-friendly.

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