WhatsApp To Tell Users How Many Times Their Message Was Forwarded

The Facebook-owned social messaging platform WhatsApp is working on new updates for ‘forwarded’ message feature to counter fake news. The new feature will tell the user how many times the message has been forwarded. The app is working hard to fight fake news, rumours from spreading through social media.

WhatsApp on Android shows some of the two features on forwarding messages. One is the ‘Forwarding Info’ and the other is ‘Frequently Forwarded’, according to the report which has been revealed.

Image Source: Google

The feature help users get more information about the messages being shared by them. WhatsApp also puts a global limit on forwarded messages to five people. Earlier, ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said to check for fake news, social media platforms have been asked to appoint officers and take action against offenders. The grievance officer “some of the necessary and prompt actions against the contents published on their platforms.”

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