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Fantasy Cricket: A Platform To Be A Virtual Cricket Player

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India bleeds blue and that is the colour of cricket. More than half of the population in India is crazy for cricket. Same goes for the world as cricket is one of the most played games. People enjoy watching one-day matches, the recent T-20 games and test matches have their own fan base. Multiple numbers of national teams join cricket every year. And what is better than the Indian Premier League? IPL is blowing people away as cricketers are performing their best. Be it Rishabh Pant’s performance or R. Ashwin’s witty wicket-Mankading.

While these amazing players showcase their talent on the field, people are eagerly wanting to be a part of it through virtual fantasy games. And what’s better than Dream11 which provides a virtual platform to showcase your knowledge and skills in fantasy cricket. All you have to do is use your phones or laptops. It is a virtual gaming platform for people to play Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi etc. and win money or exciting prizes. You can join in different leagues such as IPL, ICC cricket and other matches going on. It is a great way to test your knowledge and luck.  

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To be a part of fantasy cricket all you have to do is register yourself and you are good to go.  A great opportunity is to participate now as IPL is going on. You can either participate for the entire league at once or play every match. To play and take part in the contest you have to create a virtual team according to the schedule. There are wide pools to put your money according to your own needs. The teams you can select in a fantasy cricket league for are the ones playing in the IPL. Such as Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals, and many more.

In fantasy cricket, you can select 11 players from both the teams to make your own team and put your money. Each person gets a credit score of 100. Every player has a specific credit and you have to create a team within the credit limit only. Also, you have to choose a captain and vice-captain for the team. If the captain performs well his score will be doubled. Vice-captain’s score will be more than the rest depending on his performance. The performance of the players plays an important role in deciding your earnings.

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You can also make changes in the team if you aren’t sure about it, just by clicking on the “Edit Team” option. You can make the necessary changes until the deadline of the match.

Surely, you have got the context of the game. It is a game of knowledge, skills, probability and also luck. You can increase your probability of winning by creating more than one team. It can be tiring and a big task. On the other hand, as you must be following IPL, you can analyze the form of the players and add likewise. Both instances can increase your chances of winning. Simultaneously, there will be a scoreboard for each and every player. The top three players on the scoreboard receive exciting prizes.

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So go now and become a part of this amazing game. Enhance and utilise all the skills that you have. All the best!

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