Oru Adar Love: A Review

Movie: Oru Adar Love

Cast: Priya P Warrier, Roshan Abdul Rahoof, Noorin Shereef

Director: Omar Lulu

After the tremendous overnight popularity of the winky eyed Priya P Warrier and team. The whole nation was waiting for the release of ‘Oru Adar Love’. Despite the record breaking dislike for their song ‘Freak Penne’, they fared well in the theatres. The movie as a whole, can be watched with ease. But the climax really just throws you off.


This movie like any other is an evergreen cliché love story. It revolves around Roshan and his feelings. Priya, although hyped, is simply the secondary character. The movie consists of very bland acting, all except Noorin Shereef (Gadha). She seems to outshine the others. The humour in the movie seems somewhat forced and unnatural.

They take a dig at all the current issues of their audience. For example, a police officer can’t abuse a felon because his wife is preparing to go to Sabarimala (which is quite a controversial and touchy subject for Kerala), or when they mock themselves regarding the thousands of dislike for their song ‘Freak Penne’ etc.

The absence of a meaningful plot can be seen easily. Hints of degrading jokes regarding women are seen multiple times. Where the biology teacher is flirted with shamelessly, a female student was disturbingly commented on because she wasn’t a virgin etc. But there are some good instances where they honour the deceased heartthrob of Malayalam folksongs Kalabhavan Mani, or when the physical education teacher is given an influential role to emphasize the importance of balance between academics and Health &Fitness.

Noorin Shereef -(Gadha)

The movie wasn’t initially written so. It is rumoured that Priya wasn’t a lead at all. But because of the overnight popularity. She got over her wink, that led to rewriting of the script. Noorin was to be the lead in the beginning. There were several clashes on this issue. But in the end, Noorin was asked to compromise and share her screen space with Priya. Whether the decision is right or not, is kind of obvious.

The plot is basically about Roshan finding his true love. And eventually realizes it was his best friend Gadha all along. The direction, as well as the music, is satisfactory. Dubbing, voice modulation, and voice synchronization were only barely bearable. Omar Lulu(the director) is known for his failure in directing meaningful movies. It is obvious from his style that he attempts to please the college goers or ‘the new generation’. But what he fails to realize is, despite their young age, they also yearn for a good and meaningful plot. But for now, let us hope that he understands the need of his audience soon, and create something better.

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