7 Adventure Sports To Try Around The World

We all live once and for a traveller, adventure is something that makes their life complete. All of us wants to explore and do things that we have never done before. And it is that adrenaline rush and heart-pounding activities, which gives the satisfaction and happiness that is needed. Normally adventure lovers already have in their mind which adventure sports they have to try.

Here is a list of 7 adventure sports that every traveller who seeks fun and thrill should try once in their lifetime:

1) Skydiving

Though nowadays in lots of movies and videos, we have seen people doing skydiving. But, let me remind you that the thrill is something to be experienced by every traveller who loves adventure, at least once.

Best Place to try: New Zealand has magnificent landscape and, Skydive in Lake Wanaka or Queenstown can give the view of the perfect landscape with snow-capped mountains and lakes.

2) Bungee jumping

In this activity, a person jumps from a tall structure while being attached to an elastic cord. This activity gives sudden adrenaline rush and excitement.

Best Place to try: You can try it in Macau Tower, Macau where you have to jump from the 223m high platform and will experience 4-5 breath-taking free fall.

3) Scuba Diving

This underwater diving is with the help of breathing apparatus where the diver can explore the beautiful charming underwater sea world.

Best Place to try: Australia has the world’s largest and healthiest coral reef system. Ribbon Reefs, Northern Great Barrier Reef in Australia has 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays to explore.

4) Rock climbing

Rock climbing is not only thrilling but it is even quite challenging, so before going for the big one directly, do try your strength at local outlets.

Beat Place to try: India has a lot of places for rock climbing and one of them is in Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh that is surrounded by mystical forests, snow-laden peaks, feisty rivers and quaint villages which makes it a paradise for any climber.

5) River Rafting

Navigating a river with different degree of rough water can be really fun with friends and family.

Best Place to try: Black Water Rafting at Waitomo Caves near Auckland. It involves exploring eerie caves, underground waterfalls and caverns filled with glow-worms.

6) Cliff face climbing

This activity is not for the faint of heart which includes hanging precariously in tents off a vertical cliff.

Best Place to try: Laojun Mountain, China is the place for cliff face climbing with hanging on 1,700m cliff along with spellbinding views of the sea of clouds.

7) Fresh Water Cave Diving

This underwater diving is one step above scuba diving, as diving underwater that too inside caves make it more dramatic and exciting.

Best Place to try:  Cenote Angelita in Mexico is one of the best places to go, which is even dangerous but can be a perfect place for adventure lovers.

This is a list of 7 adventure sports, that any adventure lover would like to try, around the world which can add thrill to your normal plain life.

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