Goa:The Ultimate Destination for Vacations

Goa is to India, what Miami is to the USA. A break in Goa can be more than just a simple vacation. It can be more than just a holiday on beautiful beaches. The Indian state has fast developed food facilities and drinks scenes that embrace the local and international flavours, as well as stylish and comfortable hotels all around. Though Goa has changed tremendously over the decades but has retained its beauty and elegance. Goa has still much to offer to the tourist by rendering their best of services to the visitors.

South Goa Or North Goa

South Goa is sleepier than the north. But the thing, which makes it unique is its beauty, natural beaches, food instalment and fishing villages of Canacona are set up to render its beauty. One of the most brilliant works being done in North Goa is food. A different taste of tasty food is available in abundance. People harshly rush to the places to taste the best of food.

Eating Places

Places you can enjoy eating food Matsya freestyle kitchen, Samata Holistic retreat centre, Pernem. Israel chef Gome Galily has worked at top of the restaurants but he enjoys working in Goa. He loves the taste of the people residing there. He spends a lot of time with the people, serving them with various delicious food and drinks.

People enjoy eating at this wonderful place. Bhatti village, Nerul. This cosy, traditional village has a different taste of food. The people of this village serves food as there tradition. Different special dishes of this place is embarked by the visitors like CAJU FENI (made from cashew apples), fried whitebait, roast beef, and Goa classics like chicken and fish curry. Best places to drink: Elevar, Ashvem Beach a sister venture to sublime.

Boomshanka, Canacona, this place is not fancy but is big and enjoyable. Old fashioned cocktail list and best sunset spot on Goa-with the design amble tables lying around set the party up. Places to stay: Palm Grove, Mandrem, this friendly and astonishing resort on Goa finest beach is accompanied by owner Eva Kvie. It has a well-furnished cottage and dining area where you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Turtle Hill, Canacona, on the rise between South Goa Colomb Bay and Patnem Beach, this private boutique property is split between the beach and two stories Hill bungalows both with a luxurious South East Asian feel exceptional design and decor. And the main frame of reference is its breakfast.


Beaches to Visit: Agonda, Palolem, Patnem, these places sometimes feel like another world sometimes. Aside from Palolem, which has become a bit of monster lake, these Beaches are quieter, and the scene is calm and comfortable drink, food is plenty. The stunning South Goa coast from the Sal river to Agonda beach on a winding hilly Road takes in temples, coconut groves, fishing village and a host of hidden beaches. Rent a bike to enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Goa has many other places to visit. The market of Goa is full of fruits, vegetable, fish, bread, spices, clothes. They have their own tradition of serving these things to the visitors. Go to experience the bustle and life of Goa is a much better way. In recent years, the Saturday market of Arpora has taken Anjunas Crown, with a vibrant atmosphere, great design, food facilities are just worth watching. The southern region of Salcete and Quepem have a rich Portuguese legacy visible in the heritage homes.

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