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Nykaa has a wide range of products to use, most of which are grooming products or makeup kits. But fret not, that is not the only thing Nykaa has. To maintain a class and statement, women also need amazing bags. Don’t we need something to put these grooming kits in while we go seize the world? Nykaa has just the right stuff for us.

Is this bag chic? Yes! Is it smart? Yes. Is it small and comfortable to hold? Yes. This party bag is the perfect shade of pink and glitter to say ‘You go, Girl!’. And if you are like me, I would buy more than one shade, you know, just to gift my friend or if I fall in love with it too much, then for myself.

But this isn’t our only option of course. How about a more solid grip? A more classy clutch with more style and statement? How about, this :

or this –

or the evergreen Black shaded this –

These Type of clutches are really in trend, and they are really super sexy. Hold these and you are on fire! But this is a party you say? You can’t hold them AND dance you say? Don’t fret! They turn into sling bags! I think the best part of them is the way the opening hook looks like an embellishment. It serves a purpose, AND is beautiful! What is better, these purses are either sequined or textured. They are perfect for all kinds of parties.

Another type of sling bags for a very casual day can be the simple round bag available on Nykaa :

I have to say, I absolutely ADORE this bag! It is so essential! It for a casual sunny day and probably just to hold your necessities but it doesn’t let go on innovation. And is round, which is extremely cute and has great colours and options. Look at another one I loved –


So colourful! This would go with almost any outfit, just likes its previous counterpart. Daily Object is a great brand, and it has many great options like these available on Nykaa. A similar looking bag to the above design is this Tote bag, also from Daily Objects –

It’s bright, it’s sunny and it’s cheerful! I love checks, but this one adds a whole different level of happiness. And it is a tote bag! So it will hold all my stuff! Tote bags are really a woman’s best friend. They are for a woman in every role –  a mother, a student, a teacher, an independent lady or just a relaxed boundless woman on a picnic. And Nykaa has a whole lot of them!

But if we are in for a more corporate look, all the while trying to keep utility in mind, here are some great options of handbags –

But if we need a little smaller option, I love this particular bag I found on Nykaa which is simple, elegant and leather, well faux leather so don’t worry –

Now, this is a must-have crossbody sling. The best part about these designs are that they are a perfect size – neither too big nor too small, and they are also comfortable to use – don’t have to hold them, won’t slip from your shoulders. And they can have all your everyday essentials which you store in them to go. It is hassle-free and lovely at the same time!

But if you prefer a backpack option over crossbody slings, then cute backpacks can be just as pretty and even more comfortable. Check this one out –

Dots, grey and dots on grey never go out from the trend. This bag is cute, bigger, easy to handle and perfect for half day schools or tuitions too. Just because you are still studying doesn’t mean you cannot keep up with trends and look your best. In fact, use every opportunity to flaunt what looks best on you. Just like these wallets which too can be used anywhere, anytime and are creative and beautiful! –

They hold your money, they hold your cards, they hold your class! Check some more cool patterns out. I got obsessed with them!

Simple, elegant, pretty and useful. Again, the classic style Daily Objects provides. But if you are more into clutches, fret not – casual outing clutches are here for you – They are minimalistic and sassy. They go with anything, anytime, anywhere.

A bigger replacement for such a use is my personal favourite –

About time a bow makes its debut into this list eh?! Love it! Love the shade, love the bow, love the pattern!

There are a whole lot of other types of makeup bags, purses, wallets, totes, clutches, etc for you to look into and buy as per your style and necessity. So go to Nykaa, make an order, flaunt your style.

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