Food To Eat And Avoid During Pregnancy

Confused? Which vegetable is healthy and which one is not during your pregnancy? Pregnant ladies ought to eat a proper diet for the overall development of their unborn baby. In India, nourishment of pregnant girls is prejudiced by food fads, customs, taboos, civilizing and non-secular beliefs about food habits and also the perspective of members of the family. Additionally, there’s the concept of “hot food,” “sour food” and cold food” that should be avoided, that comprises papaya, banana, pineapple, fish, egg, mango, etc.

Food To Avoid

Sprouted Potatoes

This vegetable isn’t solely dangerous for pregnant ladies but, for everybody. Don’t eat it as potato encloses toxins that are injurious to health. Significantly, solan in potato can unfavourably influence vertebrate growth and boost the danger of miscarriage.

Bitter Melon

Pregnant ladies additionally, nursing mothers should not eat bitter melon. Since, it will supply uterine contractions, injury and foetal hurt. Moreover, the bitter melon will bother the uterus and may cause premature birth. Girls, who are breastfeeding should not consume bitter melon. Since a variety of harmful elements can be transmitted to the baby throughout breast milk.


Raw Sprouts

Health administrations have termed raw spouts as “unsafe” for pregnant ladies. Studies have shown that sprouts could contain micro-organisms like enteric bacteria, Listeria, and E. Coli which will have adverse effects on the pregnant woman and also the growing baby.

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Food To Consume


Vital for healthy bones and teeth – Dark leafy veg, which includes broccoli, kale, watercress, Green French Beans and Brussels Sprouts can be the best foods for you as well as your newborn.


Helps prevent constipation and must be a part of the prenatal diet. Some good sources are Peas, Sweet potatoes, Turnips and legumes.

Eat healthy food during pregnancy and stay healthy.

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