Some Of The Best Things To Do In Lakshadweep

The Lakshadweep islands are an archipelago of 36 exotic islands. It is made up of atolls, banks, and coral reefs, and covering a total area of 32 sq km. These idyllic islands afloat in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Kerala, which are known for their sun-kissed beaches, scenic landscape and much more abundance of both the flora and fauna.

The sheer remoteness and isolation of these beautiful islands have in recent years led to a boost in the tourism of Lakshadweep. From becoming a honeymoon getaway to a holiday destination for those who are very fond of travellers and especially among those who like to take the road less travelled, Lakshadweep is seeing more and more tourist footfalls.

So whether you have booked yourself a Lakshadweep package or are heading out on your own.

Here’s our list of the best things to do in Lakshadweep:

1. Try out Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: A visit to the Lakshadweep islands is incomplete without having and trying your hand at snorkelling or scuba diving. Almost all the islands offer this facility and have lovely dive sites which include the Kavaratti and Agatti. The Kadmat island that has large lagoons and rich coral life, and the Kalpeni island due to its pristine beach and blue lagoon.

2. Enjoy water activities: If you are a water baby then you will be spoilt for choice of different sort of water activities almost any island you dock at in the Lakshadweep. Take up sea kayaking in the Agatti islands and Bangaram. Have fun water-skiing and para-sailing at two places Kadmat and Kavaratti. Go for windsurfing, jet skiing and water biking at Kavaratti. Else enjoy some deep sea fishing on Agatti islands. Most of the Lakshadweep beaches have the soft silver sands lapping emerald waters that are inviting for a sun basking and swim.

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3. Stay at Bangaram Island luxury resorts: This island has the best of the cottages and resorts which makes it one of the best places to stay in Lakshadweep. It also has some of the top restaurants that serve delicious fare. Besides, this is the only island where alcohol is served in the entire Lakshadweep, which even makes it another reason that often makes it the chosen destination for a stay!

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4. Visit the Marine Aquarium in Kavaratti: The aquarium and museum for fishes in Kavaratti is a must-visit for those who have a fascination for the underwater world. You can view a wide variety of multicoloured sea and fish creatures. The most popular exhibit is a shark here, and other interesting sea animals you can view are the anemone, octopus, sea cucumbers, and of course some of the different types of fishes. Entry is free to the aquarium, but photography is banned here.

5. Admire the lighthouses: There are some of the popular and well-known lighthouses in the Lakshadweep islands. The Minicoy Island Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on these islands and was built in the year 1885 by the Britishers with bricks shipped down from London! This white tower is 157 feet high and has a red lantern roof. While the Kalpeni island lighthouse is 144 feet and is truly painted in white and black bands and has been functional since the year 1976. Another notable lighthouse is the one on Kavaratti island which is 131 feet and is also painted white with a red panelled lantern roof.

6. Head out sailing: Sailing is a popular sport for tourists to the Lakshadweep islands which are even surrounded by some of the turquoise blue waters. Some of the best places for this activity are the reefs of Kadmat island which even make it one of the most popular places for sailing. While at the Bangaram island taking a catamaran ride is a must-do. You can enjoy glass-bottom boat rides which are at Agatti or Kavaratti islands and view the amazing underwater world without getting wet!

7. Enjoy sightseeing & culture of Minicoy: If you want an insight into the way of culture and living of these islands, Minicoy is your destination. This crescent-shaped island also has one of the largest lagoons in the entire Lakshadweep. The key attraction here is its carefully planned villages which are merely known as Avah. You can take a walk through its villages and view its houses that are colourfully decorated, as are their wooden fishing boats and racing ‘dhonis’ (boats). Enjoy the drive with the help of dense coconut groves and winding village roads, while you get to view the lighthouse and also a tuna canning factory.

Some other interesting activities are cycling with the island roads while in Agatti or living in cottages on the beach in Kalpeni.

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