What Did Ajay Devgan’s Father Do To Make Him A Star?

Veeru Devgan, father of Ajay Devgn is an Indian stunt and action choreographer and film director in Bollywood. He is married to Vienna and has four children, including the actor Ajay Devgn and Anil Devgan.

Parents play a major role in their children’s career. Parents are the backbone in their children’s future. Same as Veeru Devgan did to Ajay Devgn. He built his career by sacrificing his own career.

Veeru Devgan took all the possible steps, that a father should take to make his child be a successful person in life. Veeru Devgan was an enthusiastic and zealous person in life. He pledged to make Ajay Devgn, a superstar and he did it.

Veeru Devgan had gone under so many rejections and struggled in life. He even went to jail in Mumbai for one week and cleaned taxi. He has done work in a carpenter shop to earn a living. After a while, he realised that it was not his cup of tea to be an actor in Bollywood. So he decided that he will make his first son actor. And that first son was Ajay Devgn.


Veeru Devgan made all the possible steps, at a very stage of life Veeru Devgan, introduced Ajay Devgn into filmmaking, he connected him with the stunt team and started to train him. At the time of his education, he admitted him to dance classes, opened a gym at home, learned horse riding. After then Veeru Devgan joined Ajay Devgn into his stunt team. He started to teach him how to cope up in the studios and learned work under his father. The result of his training made Ajay Devgn a successful director.

As a result of it, he got his first movie in 1990. He worked very hard to become a successful actor and director in Bollywood.

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