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Best Mobile Phones For The Best Mom (Part 1)

God could not be everywhere, therefore he sends the mother to the earth. You know, that person whom you can always rely upon, who saves you from your father’s scolding and who always cares for you. You are her first and the foremost priority. And though, I know most of you celebrate the mom and child relationship daily; for those who don’t: Mother’s Day is just on the edge of the week.

And to all those sons and daughters out there who are not living with their mothers anymore. Or who are just looking for a mother’s day gift for your loved mother, why not gift her a device, that lets her stay in touch with you in a better way. The device can help her with her recipes, help her get all the grocery she wants, can help her with the design selection at the boutique, and obviously to keep a better eye on your dad’s social media. We are definitely talking about a smartphone.

Isn’t it beautiful how God’s greatest creation needs the man’s greatest creation ever? The lady superhero at our place also requires some gears to boost her efficiency and skills. And who knows smartphones better than the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

So here are some quick picks. Pick whichever suits you or whichever one you like and just make your mom’s day special.

iPhone X

Admit the fact, that for all what our mothers have done for us, they deserve none other than the best. And talking about the best in the smartphone business, nobody does it better than Apple. A perfect mother deserves a perfect gift, and it can be no better than this phone. It comes in different colours and sizes as well, so keep in mind your mom’s favourite colour while paying the bill.

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e

The latest product from the Korean Giant, this device would never let your mom down. Does slightly better on the battery backup department than the rest, giving your mom some extra minutes of talk time and you, some extra minutes of comfort. Comes in different vibrant colours and various storage models, so pick the one just right for your mom.

One Plus 6t

This device comes from a brand which is known for delivering state-of-the-art technology at a price point that no one has ever been able to do before. Although they have a completely new line-up launching on the 14th of May. This present model is best at what it does. The company has even announced a price cut for this series. For the lady who does everything with extraordinary speed, this device is a superb match.

Will be continued in the next post.

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