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Best Mobile Phones For The Best Mom (Part 2)

In the continuation of the previous article. Click here.

Google Pixel 3 

If your mom is a heavy user, then this might be the best smartphone she can have. With the perfect software and hardware combination. This device delivers an easy full day long battery backup. Google always knows the algorithms best, and they have used them to make the smartphone’s camera, the best-in-class. Comes in standard size and multiple variants.

Samsung Galaxy M30

Another smartphone from the company, this makes it up to this list because of its price and the features that it has for the same. One of Samsung’s latest budget lineups, this device can serve all daily purposes and uses. It is currently available for a discounted price as well.


Nokia 7.1 

Well, for most of our parents, they have heard of this brand and probably used this a couple of years ago when this was the only smartphone manufacturer. The company is back with quite a few devices that are capable of coping with the advancing world. So if your mother liked the button phone then, she would the smartphone now.

All the above-mentioned devices are the undoubted all-rounder. You can pick any one of them and just make your mom feel special. We all love our mom, don’t we? Let us all just make her day special. Do anything that your mother may like, not only gifts but anything. Tell her how important she is to you, and that you are blessed to have the greatest creation of God in your life.

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