Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom’s Who Smell Like Heaven

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Nykaa always comes with great festival offers. Mother’s day is no different. Especially since moms are superheroes and Nykaa makes it sure that it celebrates such superheroes.

Here are some great options for mom’s to smell amazing on this day, because why shouldn’t they!

1. Nykaa’s Moi-

Nykaa has its own rand for a lot of cosmetics and other accessories. Perfumes are no different.

Moi comes in two fragrances and I have tried one of these and it was amazing, so I am going to trust that the other one should be great too.

2. Calvin Klein’s Obsessed –

Now, the name of this perfume is perfect because I have been Obsessed with it. I have used this perfume twice, and it is worth every penny it asks. If you have a little higher budget and want to go for luxury and class fragrance, this will be my choice.

The Eternity fragrance beside it is really a good choice too. I love its aroma.

3. Yardley’s EDTS scents –

For a more feminine look and budget-friendly range, Yardley has a name but helps you with your pocket too. Yardley is also having an offer on Nykaa’s website. I haven’t used Yardley’s perfumes, but I have used its other products and one of the best things about it across its entire range is that it has great fragrance.

4. M.A.C’s Shadescents –

I loe deodorants just as much as perfumes. I do not have any partial inclination towards any one of them. However, since it is a celebration, it is only more fitting to gift a perfume. M.A.C’s even more so. Just Look AT This Bottle!!


I have placed an order for it already. It is beyond beautiful. It is as elegant as it gets. This is it. This is my gift. Order yours immediately.

Nykaa is your one-stop shop for mother’s day.

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