Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Need To Take Some Time Off

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Every day of every year I have seen my mother working and hustling like the pro she is. And it makes me very proud and happy. But, it also made me realize this year that I think I want her to have a good break. Some time off from the work to relax and take some time for herself.

To make sure she enjoys this time, I bought a few amazing products for her pampering and got them gift wrapped as a hamper. For this, I naturally turned to Nykaa. Nykaa has the widest range of amazing stuff which I believe is perfect for vacation mood.

The following are the products that I bought and these work for my mom:

You can, of course, edit the list based on your preferences, budget and needs.

1. Bath Salts –

So I initially wanted to go for bath bombs but they are comparatively costly and can be used only once. So I went for this amazing alternative which is just as good.

Body Care is a great brand and the above Bath Salts have good minerals for nourishment and smells really great too.

2. Essential Oils –

I have heard that tea tree oil is a great way to rejuvenate and energize oneself, so I went for this little buddy that Nykaa sells under its own brand umbrella.

You can go for a lot of other options available on Nykaa for Essential oils

3. Incense Sticks and Candles –

So this is something very much to taste. My mother loves the smell of incense sticks that she regularly uses for prayer in the morning. For Aromatherapy, I went for scented sticks that she can use with the right ambience. Along with that I also got a good candle. Look how pretty!

To be honest, Nykaa had many prettier options for scented candles but they were beyond my budget, so I went for this one. It smells pretty good too, nonetheless

4. Hand Care Kit –

Now you can go for facial kit or pedicure kits or even makeup kits. Any particular set that you want, but I felt that this particular set that I found on Nykaa would go with my overall feel and vibe of the hamper so I went with it. And luckily I am happy with what I have received too!

It is an entire hand care collection and its really great for its price. It looks nice and feels like a gift too. The best part is that it is herbal and it is for quick use so that my mom can help herself right at the 11th hour too.

I am happy with all these products, although I wish I could make my hamper bigger. Most of these products I have only smelled and read and held in hand yet, I shall know more when my mom uses them come mother’s day. But I am pretty sure they are all great because they feel such. You can do something similar too, for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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