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So mother’s day is here and I thought hey! I need something special for my mother this year. Mostly the reason is that I have been studying out of town for over 5 years. I have my exams during May so I kind of miss mother’s day. This year, after such a long dry spell, I have finally been reunited with my family and spending mother’s day at home. (And my mom’s birthday too, which is just around the corner; yes yes, extra special May)

So I spent some time on Amazon. I found some great ideas and things to give her.

Originally I had started out with just one gift in mind but then I found so many cool things that I decided to buy a bunch of them and make them into a hamper. More the merrier, right? The following are the things that I bought after a METICULOUS observation and spending hours trying to NOT impulsively buy amazing things I found. You can either pick from my list or just make your own. In either case, I hope you can take inspiration and great Ideas 🙂

1. Amazon Prime Video Subscription –

I KNOW RIGHT! TOTALLY THE GIFT THAT EVERY FAMILY MUST HAVE. It is the cheapest of the top 5 video streaming platforms. It is amazing and along with it comes amazon prime which has its whole list of benefits too! So I got this amazon prime subscription and then a card printed with the subscription email iD and password into the hamper.

2. These awesome pots –

So my mom loves gardening and only recently she was looking for something to use in this empty garden space in our backyard. While she spent time brainstorming, I decided to look up ideas in Amazon and found these pots perfect for my backyard.

3. A watch –

My mother’s choice in watches is similar to me, thank god for that. Because when it comes to clothes, we are too different and so I cannot buy her any. She likes simple and elegant watches, and her favourite colour is white, which is why I went for this watch :

I like the touch of gold within the otherwise rich white look of this watch. It is also very budget friendly for me, which not seemingly so.

4. Handmade exquisite items –

My mother loves handmade items and the look that they bring. They are real gifts. She has small earrings and pendants that she keeps in plastic boxes. I think my mom can use as a jewellery box.

It is beautiful and elegant I think my mom will love it. This is everything I bought for my mom this year, maybe I am overcompensating for my absence but who cares! She is going to love it! I know it. I like to see her happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. I hope you order gifts from Amazon for your mother too.

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