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In Amazon We Distrust

Of all the online retailers, Amazon had always been famous for its reliability, and trustworthiness in the business. They have a ‘no questions asked’ return policy, which is their most attractive feature. Jeff Bezos had made it available and online for almost more than 2 decades, and now they are among the top 4 big shots like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

It’s been observed recently that, Amazon won’t deliver their products, if they don’t feel like it, despite having paid for an item. The underlying value one must have when ordering online is trust, and faith in the company. It is believed that online shopping can’t be trusted, as they might deliver the wrong products, or might eat up your money without delivering the product or might deliver a defective or fake product. Despite all these possibilities, we still take a risk and order online. So the least they could do is send the right product at the right time. People in small villages, where, not many facilities are available, also try to order off the internet, for the things that they won’t get anywhere near them.

These people put their hard earned money, and utmost faith in these companies and wait every day till it gets delivered.

But it won’t be delivered.


Because the delivery boy was tired that day and didn’t want to travel. Or it was too hot, and it’s too tiring to go that far. These delivery people have such excuses, and instead of taking the blame themselves, they take the easy road and cancel the request under the customer’s name. And these innocent people, get betrayed. They won’t ever gamble with their hard earned money on something as unreliable as the internet.

Many complaints have been received regarding their orders being cancelled by the delivery person and showing up on the website as though the customer has cancelled it. They hide their crime under the lie that the customer did not pick up their call, or the customer wasn’t home. This problem is going to bring an end to the online retailer’s industry at this point.

Isn’t it an obvious fact that you must deliver the product at the given address at the informed time, even if the customer wasn’t available to attend your call? If excuses are like, the address was wrong or smudged or torn off. Isn’t it available on the delivery guy’s phone, it can’t be smudged or torn off like paper. So saying the address wasn’t clear or it was smudged is basically them being dumb. We ordered it online, which means the details will be online.

When we are alerted that our package arrives that day, it doesn’t mean we, the customers free up his/her entire day waiting for it to be delivered, keeping our phone lines open etc. People have jobs, they work, even if they aren’t available through phone, you can text them. Messages will be seen, and replied to, although calls, not so much. So despite having our address with you, what more confirmation do you need to get it delivered? If we aren’t available by call, text us! Or leave it with a neighbour, and text us that detail. We have a life to live, we can’t be waiting around for your call all day.

So you do what you are paid to do, while we do the same.

If a person can’t trust the retailers, they won’t ever purchase from them. And if big shots like Amazon doesn’t step up their game, then this is going to end in a disaster.

It is the age of cashless commerce, and Amazon is reaching its peaks of success. But say this problem continues, people will sue for their loss. Which isn’t even a debatable topic. Of course, we’ll sue. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It takes blood, sweat and tears to earn our income. Even when the loss isn’t a lot, the name of the company will get destroyed, Amazon’s reputation will fall at stake.

People have worked hard for their earnings, and they won’t be the least bit considerate when companies like Amazon don’t deliver their product or doesn’t adhere to their basic promises. More specifically, when they blame the customer when the third parties(delivery person) puts up that customers have cancelled the order. It isn’t going to put up with anymore.

We, customers, have decided our own way to solve this. And we recommend you to share this article if you’ve ever been cheated by Amazon this way.

1. Let us place orders online on Amazon, and cancel the order ourselves when it reaches the destination.

2. Let’s share this issue with others and bring out their fraudulent activities.

#BoycottAmazon #AmazonCancelsOrders #AmazonFraud

The only piece of advice that one can give Amazon at this point in time is, be careful who you hire.

Their mistakes can be the end of your empire.
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