Religious offense: An Amazon Exclusive.

Business seems to be downhill for Amazon after the latest allegations regarding the sale of religiously offensive items on their website.

It wasn’t too long ago, that Twitter was hailing the #BoycottAmazon hashtag. This U.S. Seattle based online website, had been reportedly selling doormats, toilet seat cover and rugs with Hindu Gods printed on them. This act is not only hurting the religious sentiments of a majority proportion of India, but it is a blatant act of offence.

We Hindus are known for our overly superstitious behavior. We beg for forgiveness from God if we accidentally step on a picture of god, or accidentally hit it etc. But things like rugs, doormats and toilet seats having God’s face on it is beyond just mockery. It is a crime.

Items used to remove dirt, like rugs or doormat, having God’s face printed on it, isn’t a coincidence. This is a planned attack, to belittle and offend a huge majority. But to the extent of printing it on a toilet seat cover? What were they thinking? We won’t take what’s given to us. If we feel offended, get ready to face our wrath.

Even our External Affairs Minister, Ms. Sushama Swaraj was involved to handle this case. Yes that’s right. We will call the big guns. So beware before even thinking about going against us.

Amazon doesn’t value it’s customers like it used to. We saw the issue of cancelling customers order without their permission under the customer’s name itself. It is easily understandable that there is actual logic and reason behind the hashtag trend for #BoycottAmazon.

Of course, everyone should join the campaign of boycotting Amazon. It’s not the only online retailers available. Lets widen our perspective and welcome the new and reliable online sellers. It’s time we leave the hotshots of the industry to help develop and welcome the genuine small-scale retailers.

Let this be a lesson, to you Amazon. We the people hold the power. Lets start a campaign #BoycottAmazon

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Written by themoodysunshine


I am Smrithy N Manoj, a 19 year old girl with her head in the clouds. God gave us one life and I have vowed to expend it to the maximum. I aspire to be a writer one day. Gothic and fictional styles are my favourite. Books have always been my soulmates. Poetry writing was my first experience with writing, followed by story writing and articles. My dreams aren't just fantasies I daydream, I have plans, and have started my path down the road. Although my head is in the clouds, my feet are definitely planted firmly on the ground.


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