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Game of Thrones: Theories of the End

Before you proceed to read, we issue a warning. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5, there will be spoilers ahead.

Season 8 is finally here and we are not thrilled. We waited for this with quite a colossal amount of expectations, and we have no clue as to what is going on now. It has gotten so out of hand that nearly 2 lakh+ people have signed petitions to remake the last season. Chances are slim for that to actually happen, knowing the VFX costs millions.

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So far, the episodes were either what we expected or something we didn’t expect but wasn’t wowed by. Somehow, the invincible and undefeatable Night King, arrived mid-season, while we expected him to arrive on the finale. And our very beloved Arya Stark was the one who ended him, with a single thrust to the heart with a valyrian knife. We admire her courage and bravery, but what about all the hype and the seemingly invincible aura of the Night King that they built up through all the previous seasons? We don’t know. As we said, this season is whack.

But today, we take a look at the latest episode and try to find the hidden meanings that’ll help us figure out the end.

So, many of us noticed the last scene where Arya rides a half-burnt white horse out of Kings Landing. This could possibly be a biblical reference. It is said that the angel of death rides a white mare, a white horse. Similarly, our Arya also rides the white horse. From the last episode, we know that she didn’t get to kill Cersei, which means she’ll move onto the next person on her list.

Arya was nearly traumatized by the death of Nora, the peasant, and her daughter, whom she tried to save. But the rescue was in vain, as both the mother and the daughter risked their life on Arya’s orders and ended up burned alive. And when Arya sees what’s left of the burned mess, of limbs entangled together in form of a hug, she becomes traumatized. Which leads us to the theory that Dany just maybe pushed up to be the next person on Arya’s list.

We won’t particularly be devastated with the possibility of Dany dying. It isn’t surprising Arya feels that way, as our breaker of chains went rogue. Dany had done well with power throughout the earlier seasons, where she went around freeing slaves and peasants from their nefarious masters. But at this point, she feels betrayed by everyone like the one she loves, and by her advisors. There was a particular scene with Varys and a small girl, if you paid close attention to it, you’d understand that Varys was trying to poison Dany. “Greater the risk, greater the reward”.

We can see how after she won the battle, she took an emotional decision and burned Kings Landing to the ground with Dragon. That particular character growth or change wasn’t welcomed very well by the audience. After all, it was rather abrupt.

Now all that’s left to do is to wait and watch who sits on the Iron Throne, and who gets eliminated by who, and who remains after the catastrophic turn of events. This better level out all the disappointment we have faced. So, to both Mr. Davids, we are waiting for you to wow us the ball is now in your court.

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