Brideless Wedding Organised For A Man With Learning Disability

A unique wedding was organised on May 10 in Champlanar village near Himmatnagar town of north Gujarat. The unusual and interesting part of the wedding was that, it was a wedding where there was a groom but no bride. To fulfil the wish of 27-year-old Ajay Barot, suffering from learning disability, his family organised a grand wedding without a bride.

The wedding ceremony had all the rituals and tradition of Indian wedding. It included ceremonies like Haldi, Mehndi and Garba performances. The family spent over 2 lakhs on the wedding to meet Ajay’s childhood wish. “Except for a bride, there was everything. Dance and Garba programmes, fine clothes, photographers and all the associated with a proper marriage. We even distributed wedding cards to 800 people and organised a lavish feast,” said Ajay’s uncle Kamlesh Barot.

At a very early stage of life, Barot was diagnosed with learning disability. He even lost his mother at a young age. His father, Vishnu Barot, is a conductor in Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. In spite of less income, to fulfil the dream of Ajay, the complete Barot family came together to organise a wedding for him.

Right from his childhood days, Ajay loved wedding ceremonies and used to enjoy it the most. “He used to enjoy the wedding procession of other people and asked about his marriage. We were unable to answer his question as it was not possible to find a match for him. Thus, after talking to all my family members, I decided to arrange a wedding procession for him, so he feels like his wedding is being held and his dream is getting accomplished,” said Ajay’s father Vishnu Barot. His father even added that, in future if they will find a suitable bride for his son then they will organise a wedding much grander than the first one and celebrate it.

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