The Hand Behind The Words: An Interview With Devika Das

Devika Das, an author with 5 publications under her name and an award-winning poetess. She is a content strategist and is currently residing in Hyderabad. She writes self-help books and poetry.

An Interview With Devika Das:

1. Please tell us about your early life

I studied in Army School and exposure to a defence background helped me meet people from various parts of India. I am the youngest member in my family so I was pampered and I used to play with my older siblings.

2. Was there someone who encouraged you to write at the age of 13?


3. What made you start writing at the age of 13? What made you take such a big decision?

I was always scribbling in my childhood. It was the time of Kargil war, I remember, I was waiting for my school bus to arrive, and I was enjoying the scenic beauty around me, and I decided to write my first poem for those at the Kargil war. That was the start of my writing career.  Writing has always been a part of me, and then it started becoming a career. I published my first novel in 2016, in Kindle, named ‘ 7 vows of marriage’.

As of now. I have published, 2 novels and 1 poetry book.

4. Were you sure of becoming an author, when you were growing up? Was that your only goal?

No. It was a checkered career for me. I have experimented with various roles in my life because even now, I work in an IT company in the corporate world as well. I always wrote, despite whatever career was on the side. This was not my goal, or more importantly, it wasn’t a choice, it happened by chance.

5. Which books would you say, are your favourites?

I grew up reading Ruskin Bond, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie as such. To name favourites is an arduous task. But I’d say, Agatha Christie would fall in the category of favourites. I’ve always enjoyed crime fiction. In other genres, it would be Paulo Coelho. And our Indian Authors, like Ruskin Bond, I can even read him now, and still enjoy it much as any day.

6. Authors always have to worry about plagiarism. But one can be inspired by the style of writing of other Authors. So would you say, you were inspired by any such authors?

No. Writing just happens. It just flows out through my head to my hand and into the paper. I don’t read when I’m in the process of writing. So, my reading and researching would be done beforehand. So, when I write, I avoid reading from the same genre as my manuscript, it causes a distraction for me. Hence, I avoid it. I want it to be as original as possible.

7. So, are you currently working on anything new? Has something inspired you to start on new work?

Yes. I’m working on a Hindi novel, which is going to be a combination of poetry and prose. And I have completed the poetry part, but the prose still under work. I am amidst completing a prior assignment, so I’ll only start the prose after completing this. But I’m aiming to complete it before January next year.

8. Usually, authors aim to inspire a generation, or create awareness, or depict a social reality. These are some amongst the various themes that are used in today’s novels. Would you say your novel has any such themes?

Till date, I’ve only dealt with nonfiction genre, with themes that are close to my heart and which I’m passionate about. But now, I’m stepping into the world of fiction with my new novel. I’d say, even then, I’m not keen on pleasing any audience as such, but rather, I write because I want to and because I’m passionate about it. I don’t keep a target audience in mind, while writing, that distracts me, from what I’m trying to convey. But I’d definitely want to see how people take it, or how they respond, after reading my novel. I’m not writing for a particular group of people, but rather an open audience. I see readers as just readers, whatever age or background, they are from.

9. What/ who is the inspiration behind your self-help books?

I have developed observation skills as I have grown up and the experiences of my life inspired to write self-help books.

10. Who is your favourite author?

There are many ��

11. How do you keep yourself positive during hard times?

When I feel low/upset, I mostly stay quiet, listen to music and try not to think negatively. Or else, I talk to my mother or a friend who knows me thoroughly.

12. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in life?

Willingness to learn has helped me understand people/human behaviour to a certain extent… Meeting new people has given me a chance to make wonderful friends…Fearlessness has helped me take up new opportunities with zeal and passion ��

13. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

I always try to evaluate my performance at work or how I deal with issues in life. Every day I want to become a better version of myself.

14. Tell us about your proudest achievement?

I felt overwhelmed when readers have told me that The Mind Game has helped to resolve issues in their life.

15. Who has impacted you most in writing and how?

I chose to express myself through writing poems and books. Self-expression has helped me write well and honestly.

16. Where would you like to be in life five years from now?

I like to take life as it comes and has developed the ability to accept the natural flow of events. I don’t have 5-year plans ��

17. What was the most challenging moment in your writing journey so far?

Often, I used to overthink a situation/problem. However, I came out of that mode and completed the book successfully.

18. Your new book, ‘The Mind Game’, can you elaborate on your intention behind writing such a book? What would attract readers to it?

Well, I’d say, I wrote this book to be of some help to anyone and everyone, after all, it’s a self-help book.

And the attractive thing about that book is, how it can be relatable to you. It doesn’t preach, unlike other books, I think that would captivate my readers. Many self-help books, start to preach after a particular point. I’ve made sure that the same doesn’t happen in my books. I’ve concisely written my chapters without dragging on. According to the 50+ reviews I’ve received, the relatability and conciseness is my selling point.

19. What is different in the book which will make the readers love the content?

I have mentioned examples from my own experiences and have given tips that can be implemented by the readers.

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#BookReview Book- Mind Game Author- @authordevika Publisher- @bluerose_publishers Rating- 4/5 #Our review-Building emotions from balderrash to a weapon is uniqueness of this book. When i first saw the title and cover of the book i thought its a psychothriller which was the reason i picked it up. Soon when i read it's subtitle i understood its entirely an another genre which is "Self help or Motivational." Though I'm not subscribed to reading self-help books but into 4-5 pages of "MIND GAMES" it melted my heart or say the pseudo ego i wear or say we wear around even to our family, friends and loved ones. #Strengths- This simplfies acrid emotions to sugary ones. It gives you insight. This book doesn't asks for too much in regard for a good life but talks on how emotions are so powerful as to change your lives entirely. It also gives answers as to why the saints and sadhus are so calm. Explains the power of depending on God. And reaches to recent researches and scientific papers to prove points on power of emotional reactions in building and demolishing your career, character and personal relations. Every chapter starts with a qoute which is like opening new windows of how you percieve life and that perfectly goes with the content. #Disadvantages- Author didn't mentioned bibliographic notes of sources of her knowledge which helped her frame this book. ( I'm not aware if other authors do it when referring to scientific studies) #Other similar books- Dell carnaigie's to Robin sharma's, . Devika and her book 'Mind Game' doesn't fails to leave it's remarks even in front of such huge titles. #Target readers- i personally felt to gift a copy of this book to everyone who I'm in with anykind of emotional turmoil. I think this is a perfect gift you should give to your loved ones. It doesn't motivates you to detach you from emotions. But trains you to master them. #Target age- Anyone can read this, it guarantees a positive impact on your mind and life. #Writing style- Lucid and engaging. #Genre- self help, motivational. Thank you for #reviewcopy @authordevika ❤#Repost @kitabikeedaofficial (@get_repost) ・・・ #bookstagramindia #bookstagrammers #bookstoread

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