Ceiling Camera Setup In The Uttarakhand Hotel Room!!

Tourist Couple found a hidden camera in a Uttarakhand hotel room. After spotting it, they tried to contact the reception about the same. But, unfortunately, no one attended them and soon they lodged a complaint against the owner lead to his arrest.

A hotel owner in Uttarakhand’s New Tehri was arrested on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Due to a complaint lodged by a tourist couple as he violated their right to privacy by fitting a camera in the ceiling fan. The couple caught the camera in their room and tried to contact the Reception about the same.

No queries were heard by the tourist people by anyone from the hotel. This made the couple anxious about the same and then they decided to contact the Police.

SHO Chandan Singh Chauhan said that the couple spotted the camera on Monday night. But no one heard their complaints and upon the verification of the same by the Police, the hotel owner was arrested. The police have seized the fan, a hidden camera, the hotel owner’s mobile phone, and a laptop, he added.

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