Unknown Facts About IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines is one of the largest airlines company in India. The company has achieved this feat in a short interval of time. They focused on the comfort level of their passengers which led them to be one of the most successful airlines in India. It is also considered to be one of the fastest growing airlines in India.

IndiGo Airlines comprise of some of the unknown facts which make them even more unique airline services in India.

They are as follows :

1. It is one of the most successful and ever-flying company. They have the largest fleet size in India. It has a fleet size of 130 aircraft.

2. It has received the lowest number of complaints as compared to other airline services. IndiGo considers its customers as their first priority and tries to serve the best to its customers. Their support staff is much supportive and helpful in nature. They know how to treat their customers in the best possible way.

Right now, Indigo is the most profitable company in India.

3. Net Worth of Indigo is more than USD 50 million in the struggling aviation market of India which is quite amazing for a low budget airline. Within a short passage of time, IndiGo out seated jet Airways to attain a number of the carrier with a  market share of 27%.

4. IndiGo airlines is known for its accurate timings of their landing and takeoff. The airlines are known for their divine on-time performance which is 94.3%.

5. Operates more than 600 flights: Indigo operates around 600 flights daily to more than 38 destinations abroad and to different parts of India. Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport is the main hub of this airlines.

It has won several awards like ‘Best low-cost carrier by the airline passengers association of India’ in the year 2007 to award for ‘Best LCC aviation award for excellence by central for Asia Pacific Aviation’ in the year 2015.

6. The airlines can be considered as the largest food retailer: Airlines operate about 600 flights daily to different parts of the world and it has an average occupancy rate of 80% with a total capacity of 180. Percentage of eatable items is approximately 30%. The average ticket size of the meal is Rs. 250. So the annual food revenue is Rs. 400 crore.

These were some quite blowing facts about IndiGo airlines.

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