Best Road Trip Destinations

Road trips have been a dream for the people. People from all over the world want to have a long road journey on bikes with their family or their loved ones. People usually experience road trips on two-wheelers.

While choosing the best place for a road trip, people usually take care of a few things like distance, weather, type of vehicle etc. Travellers dream of some attractive destinations to enjoy the journey.

Here are of some beautiful destinations that might head you to that place:

1. Bangalore to Bandipur forest:

A beautiful area to enjoy the road journey via the forest. The area is full of trees and has pleasant weather to enjoy your ride. One can take the same road to Ooty from Mysore passing through Bandipur National park.

Having a road trip with friends or family with the rooftop of the car open is a different type of feeling. There’s no better way to pay tribute to the natural beauty. This ride covers an area of about 220km and a duration of about 4-5 hours. There are various places for stop-overs and eating along the way including McDonald’s and CCD.

2. Shillong to Cherrapunjee:

This area is stretched approximately in the range of 53 km. This area receives a lot of drizzle with the rainfall in Cherrapunjee. It has caves, villages and beautiful scenery to watch out. Nature plays a great role in that area. This trip has a duration of about 2 hours without traffic. This is a popular stretch, often covered by cars. A scenic beauty to look out for in that area.

3. Mumbai to Goa:

This trip can be called as the daddy of all the road trips as it covers a distance of 556 km and is really glorious to feel it. A drive towards the sun, the sea and the sand on the gorgeous road that will inspire and gear your upcoming adventure throughout this ride.

It is of the longest duration of about 12 hours with stopping and covers the most beautiful and enjoyable ride ever. The road from Mumbai to Goa along the NH17 is as smooth as butter. It utilises about 10 hours of continuous travel. Leave Mumbai early in the morning and reach Goa before the sunset. It will give you great pleasure to experience the real scenic beauty of the trip. There are several food stalls to enhance your trip with their yummy and delicious taste.

4. Delhi to Shimla:

Leaving behind the Delhi pollution and heading towards Shimla with the rooftop of the car open and a little shower of water will make your day. There is a train of thought that comes to your mind while this journey. The great expanse of the Himalayas and the soft cotton clouds blend in the most enduring route and the chilling winds when struck on your hair will give you a sublime experience.

A bike ride at this point of the journey is not a bad option. It takes about 7 hours and for Shimla, you have to take a Grand Trunk Road from Delhi and trudge along for a long weekend away from all worries. Give your stomach a treat in between at Sukhdev Ka Dhaba at Murthal.

5. Pamban bridge to Rameshwaram:

Think of your vehicle running at a speed of 120km/hr above the sea level and you take a look at the wonderful sea to welcome you in the Rameshwaram. Sometimes, the infinite sea under your feet and a moist air striking on your hair are all that you need.

This trip is of a short duration of about 15 to 20 minutes but will provide you with the best experience ever. The stretch is about 13.5 km long and can be easily covered in about 15-20 minutes.

Hope, we were of some help to you for your next road trip experience. Do share your stories with us. 🙂

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