An Empowering Journey Of Renee Lynn

Interview of Renee Lynn

Renee Lynn is a Social Activist, Published Author, Columnist and Founder of Voice for India Project. She is doing an empowering job for the people of India. A firm believer of change and wants to bring equality among Hindu society in India.

A small conversation with her:

Renee Lynn

1. Please tell us about your early life

I was born and raised in New Jersey and I have one older sister.  I went to college and received my degree in Criminal Justice because I was always a Sherlock Holmes growing up and I always had a great instinct, gut feeling on things. Also, I have always had a passion to travel the world and explore other countries and cultures, India being the biggest impact on my life.

2. Why do you particularly show interest in empowering India?

As a world traveller, India touched my heart in magnitudes.  I see the bias happening in India among the Hindu community and I made my voice prominent to encourage and empower the Hindus to stand up for themselves, in which I have received much media and accolades for my project, “Voice for India”.

3. What do you like most about India?

I love most about India is the people and culture.  India has the best hospitality in the world. Even strangers go out of there way to help you, unlike other countries.  I also love the entire atmosphere, it so anachronistic.

4. Can you tell us more about your project- “Voice for India”?

Voice for India is about telling the truth and reality about the real India because the Indian media and International mainstream media like to make lies and fake surveys about India. I project my voice on several media platforms of my experiences and research.

5. How can one volunteer or become a part of your project?

I receive so many comments and emails that folks want to join in on Voice for India project.  I am thinking at the present time to maybe start a project in the Delhi area so we can be heard all together at once.  Also,I am still working on how to start that. If anyone has any suggestions, please contact me.

6. How do you manage to run your project?

Right now I am managing Voice for India and lately it has really catapulted and I need to think of a solution for this and so many want to partake

7. What are some of the social and political issues that one must pay attention to according to you in India?

For me and my passion, I think India is having a population crisis.  I think sex in India is considered taboo to talk about but lately it seem to be opening up.  There should be sex education classes in India and people need to learn about birth control methods. I think because of the illiteracy problem and the shunning of talking about sex, this is causing the problem. It needs to be address on a huge scale.

 Another social issue that disturbs me are the starving people living on the streets. It breaks my heart to see them starving. There should be some program to get them off the streets and help them. In America we have shelters throughout the country and all are welcome there who are homeless, albeit, not all want to come to shelters. On a politic note, I see so much discrimination among the Hindus.  Ironically, India is predominantly Hindu country but yet they always get discriminated against. I like to see more Hindu equality.

8. What fascinates you in India?

This may sound stupid to some but the people fascinate me the most in India.  I have never seen so much hospitality and people willing to go out of their way to help someone.  As a world traveler, I have only seen this in India. It strikes a chord within me.

9. What is your book ‘India Stripped’ all about?

India Stripped is about exposing the truth and reality of India that the mainstream international media and certain Indian media refuse to convey.  I have journeyed throughout India numerous times and seen the real India that the international mainstream media is not correctly portraying.  It is about my own personal experiences and extensive research I show why the international mainstream media and certain Indian media refuses to openly show the good side of India, the successful side of India, but only want to showcase the dark and ugly side of India. Many people believe the mendacities told by the media and the truth needs to be revealed.  

10. Who has impacted you most in your life and how?

I can’t say that a particular person impacted my life the most but I can say that Hinduism as transformed me.

11. Where would you like to be in life five years from now?

5 years from now I will still be a voice for India and hopefully making an even bigger impact on India and its’ people.  Looking forward to branching out on a higher level.

12. What was the most challenging moment in your journey so far?

The most challenging moment of my journey so far was my transformation from Christianity and overcoming the anxiety and fear that the Church ingrains in one.  Once, I grabbed hold of Indian philosophies my slow but rewarding transformation was worth it. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process, learning experience, and wonderful journey.

13. A must suggestion for your readers.

A suggestion for my readers would be, please don’t forget your heritage, it is the best in the world and also do not be ashamed of being Hindu, being Hindu is very cool, trust me.

14. Why did you choose India?

I chose India because as a world traveller and travelling all over the world India touched my heart the most and keeps blowing my mind.  There is no country in this world like India.

15. What was your inspiration behind working in India?

My main inspiration behind working in India is its’ people.  They are amazing and when I started to become a voice for India I received hundreds of comments and messages of how I am an inspiration and how I motivate and encourage them, and for me, this makes me happy to see their transformation.

16. 2 Lines for BolteRaho

I like to thank BolteRaho for the interview and request all my fans to go and keep connect with this awesome media channel at  They have all the latest news from politics to celebrities to leaks happened, so don’t miss out, join in for first and front news.

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Facebook:  ReneeLynnVoiceForIndia

Twitter:  Voice_For_India

Instagram:  voice_for_india

YouTube:  c:/ReneeLynnVoiceforIndia

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