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Why Everyone Must Spend 15 Min Daily Doing This Yoga Exercise

First of all Happy Yoga Day to all my folks. Yoga has been one of the most crucial parts of our lives and one should definitely take out some time for yoga. If you are beginners who desire to start with their yoga routine but cannot actually do it because of observing difficult yoga poses then this post might help you a lot. Catch up for a mini yoga routine every day and observe the surprising benefits that take place in your life. One should spend at least 15 minutes daily doing these yoga exercises which are mentioned below. So, without any further ado let us jump on to our basics.

15 minutes Daily Mini Yoga Routine

1.    Animal pose – Cat-cow stretches

Chakravakasana or cat-cow stretches are the best for beginners to try on. You can not miss this one because it elongates the pressure around your spine area. It also helps a lot to make your body elastic and stretchy. Proper attention must be given to the pose because one must ensure the inhale and exhale timings during the pose. It is advised to inhale your breath when you bend the back and exhale when you move to another posture. Do it at least 10 times a day

2.    Animal pose – Downward dog

One of the easiest yoga poses so far is this one. It is simple, beneficial and perfect for a 15-minute yoga routine. All you have to do is get your butt high and keep your legs in a straight line. Now, face towards your bent knees with some distance and hold the posture for about 5 minutes.  Beginners may start with 2 minutes but holding on for added time will give you more strength. Catch up with this yoga pose daily for 5 minutes and you are sorted for life.

3.    Forward bend pose

How yoga can transform your life is a question, because these amazing poses can do so much in our lives. Standing forward bend yoga pose is a Yayy because it reduces a lot of belly fat, hip fat and increases flexibility. You only have to stand straight and then bend your upper body and touch the floor. In the meantime try not to bend your knees. At initial stages, you cannot control your knees. But, once you get a grip of it your knees will never bend during this pose. Include it every day in your 15 minutes daily yoga routine and then notice the changes.

How unrealistic it feels when we take our lives for granted? Why are we up to that? Why can we just not spend 15 minutes daily doing these basic yoga exercises? Actually, we can and we will do it. Today on this International Yoga day let us be a little selfish towards everyone and take out 15 minutes daily for yoga. These exercises are going to create a hell lot of differences in your life which you may have never imagined. So, get this yoga day started and share your inspiring yoga stories with everyone.

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How Yoga Will Benefit You in Life!!!

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