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8 Stylish Ways To Wear Baggy T-Shirts

Are you skinny or do you have some oversized clothing items? Girls, I can relate to you because I have a bag full of oversized clothing. Most of them are baggy t-shirts. I know you girls struggle a lot while styling those oversized pieces of clothing. So, here I am to make things easier for you. Style your baggy t-shirts in the chicest and sassy way.

Below are 8 stylish ways to wear baggy t-shirts:

1.    Tuck it inside

Casual oversized or baggy t-shirts are a must-have. You can definitely not go without having this piece of clothing. The first way to wear a baggy t-shirt is to tuck it inside your shorts, jeans or trousers.

•    Get that funky t-shirt and tuck it inside your bottoms.

•    Make it look like a Pinterest addict style.

•    Sneakers with jeans and high boots with shorts will look extremely voguish.

2.    Style it like an off shoulder top

Flaunting your sexy body is definitely required in this pace of life. The oversized and jumbo t-shirts look trendy if styled as an off-shoulder top. Style it with shorts or jeans and you are good to flaunt your shoulder bones.

•    Pull one side of the tee and make it off-shoulder.

•    For more comfort tuck it inside your bottoms.

•    Flats or canvas will look decent with this look.

3.    Front knots are an obsession

Do you know what is the best thing about oversized t-shirts? You can just tie a knot from anywhere you want. Grab an oversized tee and make a front knot from it. Trust me, this will make a hell lot of difference in your looks.

•    Grab the front section of the tee and tie a front knot.

•    Let it fit like a cute and trendy crop top.

•    Style it with jeans, shorts or even skirts with sneakers and that’s it.

4.    Throw it on dungarees

Dungarees look really classy when they are paired with oversized tees. So, grab one of your favourite t-shirts and throw them before wearing a dungaree. Get that perfect airport look by styling baggy t-shirt.

•    Grab a white oversized tee and throw in on a dungaree.

•    Fold the sleeves to get the Boyfriend tee look.

•    Now throw your dungarees on and pair it with sneakers, canvas or flats.

5.    Rock look with a denim jacket

Oversized tees can definitely be paired up with a denim jacket. Denim jackets are an infatuation and pairing them with oversized tee makes you look extremely sassy and chic.

•    Grab your oversized tee (black, white or any colour).

•    Tuck it in if you need or else leave it loose on the jeans.

•    Now get your cosy denim jacket on and fold its sleeves.

6.    Try cardigans with a baggy t-shirt

Cardigans can be used in the best possible way to style a baggy t-shirt. You can just throw your baggy t-shirt with an open cardigan and you are sorted for life.

•    Get your baggy t-shirt on with jeans or without any bottoms.

•    Now throw on your cardigan.

•    Pair it with boho flats or sliders to give a casual look.

7.    Wear it as a T-shirt dress

Why should girls always style baggy tees above bottoms? This time let us go out of our comfort zone and style those baggy t-shirts like a dress. Girls can rock oversized tees like a dress.

•    Catch up with your oversized t-shirt and wear it.

•    If it is small then wear a pair of denim shorts for privacy.

•    Complete the look by styling high sole sneakers by FIFA or Adidas.

8.   Skirt and an oversized tee

Finally, coming on the last way to style oversized t-shirts. You can go basic while doing this. Get your baggy tee on with a skirt and guess what, you look stunning.

•    Pair your oversized tee with a nice flared/pencil skirt.

•    Throw your tee and tuck it inside your skirt.

•    Go like a warrior with the sleeves drama and wear heels to spice things up.

So, here is the end of the styling journey. I hope you guys will adopt several ways from the above tips to style your baggy t-shirt. Oversized t-shirts are undoubtedly very cute and they look flawless when paired correctly. So, make sure to make most out of your baggy t-shirt this time.

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