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How to Choose Foundation – A Buyers Guide

Makeup has never been kind to me because I was always imperfect at it. But, now I have realized that choosing the right shade of foundation is very important for full-proof makeup. You got to have that perfect shade, coverage, blending techniques and so many more things.

This post is all about you as a buyer who is buying a foundation online or offline. I am going to cover some real insights and very useful information for my Fam. Stay tuned to find your perfect shade.

Here are some factors that will make you pick the perfect shade of foundation.

1.    Your skin type matters a lot

This may seem like nothing but it is the most important factor while selecting a foundation. You must know your skin type at first instance. Secondly, you must select the foundation which suits your skin type. Thirdly, think about which formula you require for a foundation.

•    Liquid foundation goes really well for people with dry skin. It gives coverage and nourishes your skin.

•    If you are someone with oily skin then go for a matte foundation. They are perfect for you because they will hide open pores and oiliness in your skin.

•    Combination skin type people can go for formulas they love. Cream stick, liquid or matte foundation will do the job pretty well.

2.    Your preference for coverage

While selecting a foundation one must keep in mind about the coverage which they desire for? If you have all the foundations but not the one which provides medium or sheer coverage then go for that one. Here’s a quick guide that will help you choose a better foundation for you.

•    For office or formal look, everyone needs light or tinter coverage. For that, one must go for BB or CC cream.

•    Some occasions are meant to dress up but not too much. For all those occasions go for a medium coverage foundation.

•    Typical family functions, marriage guests and all these looks require perfect makeup look. Hide your scars, acne marks and pigmentation by going for a full coverage foundation.

3.    Jawline testing is a must

When you are purchasing a foundation from offline stores then jawline testing is a must. Swatching it on the wrist gives no conclusion. To select the perfect shade for yourself always go for jawline testing.

•    Dab a coin size amount on your jawline and notice in natural sunlight how it blends.

•    Trying numerous shade will make you pick the best for yourself.

4.    Ingredients have a role to play

You might skip this step thinking that shade of foundation matters and not the ingredients. But, dear ladies it is very important to check the ingredient list first.

•    If you have an oily/pimple, acne-prone skin then select a foundation that has salicylic acid in it. It has zit care properties which will take care of your zits, acne and pimples.

•    Girls with dry skin should choose a foundation which has serum enriched in it. Serum-based foundations help in moisturizing the skin deeply.

•    If you are a lazy bombshell like me then go for a foundation that has SPF in it. Our long story will initially become short and what can be better than this.

5.    Give priority to undertones

Undertones are the best way to select the best shade for your skin. People often mistake the word undertones with their natural skin tone. But, fam it is rigorously different. If you are struggling with undertones then here’s a guide.

•    Try the gold jewellery and see if it suits you or not. If it does really well then you have a warm undertone.

•    Another way to check undertones is to observe the colour of your veins on the wrist. They give clear insights about your undertones.

•    Try silver jewellery and if it suits you like no one’s business then girl you have a cool undertone. The one that looks gorgeous with your skin tone is your undertone.

So, with that, it’s a wrap up for the Buyer’s Guide for a Foundation. Girls, makeup looks good on you only when you have the best foundation with you. So, grab some basic insights from the above points and feed it in your mind. Make sure to share your buying stories of foundation and how you find that this is the one.

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