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Urban Clap Introduces Men Grooming Services

Your first impression is solely your last impression. This is what the world believes and it is correct to a great extent. Your first impression matters a lot in everyone’s life. So, to maintain or begin with it one needs to be dressed well and groomed well. Men in specific need perfect and attractive grooming so that everyone goes gaga over them.

Why Personal Grooming for men is important?

Here are some points or facts that will make you believe that personal grooming for men is a must. It matters a lot in their personal and professional life as well.

grooming men
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Increases Confidence

•    Their level of confidence gets a boost. Personal grooming for men makes their confidence reach a new level. Confidence is the key to success and it is achieved only when men are groomed perfectly.

Men's grooming at Urban Clap
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First and last impression

•    Personal grooming matters a lot because it is your first and last impression. The long-lasting impressions are made only when men are groomed really well. There are times when life gives you only

one chance. So, better shine and grab that chance.

Enhances your looks

•    You look attractive and eye-catching. Men look extremely handsome and classy when they are groomed. Personal grooming speaks aloud that as a man you have to adopt all the methods of grooming.

Makes you stand out

•    Personal grooming secures and boosts your position in your work life. Reputed companies prefer well-groomed and good looking employees. If you are one of them then trust me your place is secure. Your work does matters but your physical appearance matters more than that.

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Hygiene & Care

•    Personal grooming for men enhances their hygiene. They stay clean, sparkling and sanitized. Personal hygiene and care are very important and it can be achieved only if personal grooming is adopted.

Personal Grooming for Men at home

As far as we have discussed personal grooming for men is very important and beneficial. But, one needs time to groom themselves nicely and it requires time. You need to go to salon tell them about your concerns and then they work accordingly.

Urban Clap
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Sometimes men also have to wait for hours for their turn to come. Going to salon also takes time and all of this is a busy process. But, men cannot miss personal grooming because its benefits are real and advantageous.

You might be surprised to know that Urban Clap has recently introduced services for Personal Grooming for Men. Yes, that’s true personal grooming for men at home is now possible only with Urban Clap services. Do you realize what is the best part about this? Men now don’t need to book a cab and then go to the salon and then wait for hours for their turn.

With the introductory services of Urban Clap for personal grooming for men, things are now sorted. It saves time that is usually wasted in travelling and waiting at the salon. Catch a glimpse of the services of Personal Grooming for Men at Urban Clap.

1.    Value Packages

You can just not scroll down without having a look at this one. Value packages for men include everything from a haircut to shave to de-tan pack. How cool is that when you can get groomed really well at the comfort of your home? Value packages start from Rs 399 and go up to Rs 1000.

2.    Must Try Packages

If it says must try then you should definitely try it!!! Personal grooming is not only about the haircut and shave. It includes so many things which are exclusively available under this package. This one includes manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut, shave, de-tan facial and variety of massages.

3.    Barbering

Local barbers may cut your hair and make it a life without hands and legs. But, the services and service providers from Urban Clap are professional and they groom you like a Model. These packages start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 499 which is quite affordable. You can book your services now.

Men grooming by Urban Clap
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4.    Cleanup/Facial

Personal grooming for men says that you should not be tan and dull all the time. Your skin should be bright, youthful and fresh all day long. For that Urban Clap has cleanup/facial services which are inexpensive and very beneficial. These packages start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 849.

face cleanup
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5.    Hands and Feet

I know men don’t feel the need for this but guys you need to grab this deal soon. Hands and feet are your body parts and they should look clean. Amazing packages and deals on this are starting from Rs 149 and goes up to Rs 1299. From manicure to pedicure to de-tan the skin and many more services are included under this package.

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So, that was a mini-tour of Urban Clap services for Personal Grooming for Men. I hope you find it useful and I know the majority of you will save your precious time by grabbing the deals super soon. Visit the Urban Clap website for more details.

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