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The Exfoliators Guide To Banish Dull And Dry Skin

What is Exfoliation?

There are times when your skin feels dull and undernourished. This is a sign that you need to exfoliate your skin nicely and prep it for further skincare. So, exfoliation becomes important that time and for that, you should know the basics.

Exfoliation is basically removing the dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. You can just not go wrong with exfoliating using DIY scrub or market scrubs. To de-clutter the dead skin you should exfoliate at least twice a week.

The ultimate guide to rid off dull & dry skin is below –

How to Exfoliate?

Basics of exfoliation include the procedure to exfoliate the skin. It is not a matter of rubbing chemicals or DIY on your skin. One should be very careful and secure while exfoliating their skin. Let us shoot directly on the process on how to exfoliate our skin.

Exfoliate skin

•    Remove makeup (if any) using good micellar water or makeup remover.

•    Rinse your face using your preferred face wash. (According to your skin type)

•    Now take your scrub/exfoliator on your fingertips and gently massage it on your skin.

•    Be extra gentle and vigilant towards your skin. Massage the scrub for about 2-3 minutes.

•    Now let it sit for 30 seconds and then wash your face with normal water.

•    Pat dry your skin and you are good to go.

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

So, this is one of the most important concerns regarding exfoliation. Girls don’t realize when they exfoliate their skin. They go on rubbing harshly and sometimes they also use the wrong scrub. So, there are so many things which must be kept in mind. The most important one is the exfoliation routine and how often should it be followed.

•    Dry Skin – Girls who have dry skin should exfoliate twice or thrice a week depending on the need. But, it is important for them to use cream based scrub. It does not only nourish the skin but will also keep it moisturized all day long.

•    Sensitive Skin – Girls who have sensitive skin should exfoliate only one or two times a week. It is also advised to use gentle exfoliators/scrubs which do not have harsh beads. It may further irritate the skin and they must be completely avoided.

quote on exfoliation

•    Combination Skin – If you are someone with normal/combination skin type then you should exfoliate thrice in a week. You can use any scrub or DIY scrubs that suit your skin type and preference.

•    Oily Skin – If you are someone who has extremely oily skin then you must exfoliate thrice or even four times a week. Oily skin sucks up the dirt and pollution and makes the skin look terrible. So, exfoliate more often but very gently.

Homemade Face Scrub for Dull and Dry skin

The trend of DIY’s has been in the hype for quite a long time. Are you one of them who loves DIY? Well, believe it or not, but homemade scrubs/exfoliators are truly effective. They work really well on your skin because you can customise them the way you want. Here are some best DIY homemade face scrubs for every skin type.

•    Sugar face scrub

All you need for this recipe is sugar and coconut oil. In a bowl add small granules of sugar and pour a coin size amount of coconut oil in it. Mix both of them to develop thick consistency. This face scrub is wonderful for people with dry and dull skin.

Sugar face scrub
Image Source: Google

•    Yummy Chocolate face scrub

This yummy and luscious recipe is not for eating. The chocolate face scrub requires cocoa powder, brown sugar, olive oil and 2-3 drops of vanilla extract. In a bowl mix all the ingredients and make a scrub out of it.

Yummy Chocolate face scrub
Image Source: Google

Take only a few drops of olive oil and mix everything. With your fingertips apply it on your face. This one is excellent for normal/combination and dry skin types.

•    Oatmeal facial scrub

High five to all the oily skin people out there. Here’s a quick DIY scrub for your skin type now. For this one, you need oats (obviously uncooked), honey, tea tree oil & a few drops of lemon juice.

Oatmeal facial scrub
Image Source: Google

Mix everything in a bowl and make sure to add only 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. People with oily/acne-prone and sensitive skin can definitely give a try to this DIY face scrub.

Best recommended Face Scrubs from Nykaa

If you are a lazy af person and cannot afford to move to the kitchen for DIY scrubs then stay tuned. I have listed some best face scrubs from Nykaa which are worth the hype and penny invested. You can just not go wrong with these because they are a blessing for your skin.

•    Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub – Perfect for oily/sensitive skin. It removes blackheads, dark spots and whiteheads.

•    MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee face Scrub – Revitalizes your skin and provides the instant glow. It eliminates dead skin cells, blackheads and dullness.

•    Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub – Ideal for every skin type. It brightens the skin and provides instant radiance to it.

•    The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Scrub Foam – Rated over 4 stars this one is a gem for glowing, fresh and clear skin. It reduces dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars and what not.

•    Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub – No darkness, dullness or tan can touch your face when this scrub is with you. It eradicates tan from face and makes the skin brighter.

•    Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub – This one is extremely affordable, effective and ideal face scrub for dry and normal skin types. Orange removes tan and makes the skin look glowing and fresh.

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So, this was it guys. The Ultimate Exfoliators Guide To Banish Dull & Dry Skin is done. I hope you people loved and find this post useful. Share your skin type and I will definitely recommend the best face scrub/exfoliator. Until then stay happy.

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