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The Complete Sunscreen Guide For You


After a whole summer of parties, outings, beaching and reunions, we are left with nothing but the memories and the tan lines. Summer is the best, no doubt, but the after-effects of our adventures in the sun can cause you weeks of pain and distress. Sunlight overall isn’t bad for you, it also gives you some vitamins. But it is because of global warming and the ozone layer that UV rays have infiltrated our atmosphere and those particular rays have harmful effects on our skin.

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So let’s talk about sunscreens. The knight in shining armour, sunscreens comes to rescue us from the monstrous scorcher of the world and his harmful rays. The sun has normal sunlight and some high-intensity rays known as UV rays (Ultraviolet rays). It is particularly these rays that hurt our skin. We all have something called melanin in our skin. The amount of melanin in our skin determines how fair you are. Fair complexioned people have smaller levels of melanin and darker complexion has more melanin content. Melanin is made by our body to protect our skin, so when the rays of the sun hurt our skin, it creates more melanin, to try and protect us. Hence we become more tan. If the melanin can’t protect us, we get sunburns.

Sunscreens are the best preventive method for sunburns in general, but it also helps us keep our skin safe or evenly tanned. It has 2 main parts, which are the active ingredient and emulsion. The active ingredient protects us from the rays, which are further divided into UV reflectors and UV absorbers. And these do their own set of work to protect you from the harmful rays. Emulsions carry the active ingredient. It’s a group effort.

To get into the specifics, we should discuss SPF. SPF is Sun Protection Factor. We usually see SPF accompanied by a number in all the sunscreen packets. The higher the number, the more protection it offers. So make sure that while you are buying your sunscreen creams, get the ones with the highest SPF, it goes up to SPF 50, so far.

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The usual dermatologist-recommended brands of SPF are Neutrogena sunscreen. They can come in spray cans as well as creams. Nykaa offers a wide variety of sunscreens from different brands to select from.

So go out and have your summer fun without the worry of tanned skin. Don’t hold yourself back, use the protective measures and enjoy summer. Hope this article helped you. 

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