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The Secret Behind the Glossy & Clear Skin of Koreans

The crystal clear skin of Koreans has blown our minds like anything. Indians are now trying hard to match the Korean skincare routine to achieve flawless and unblemished skin. But, is this possible with normal CTM or skincare routine? The answer is a “BIG NO”.

The Korean Skincare Routine involves 7 steps which are worth spending time on. The skin is exfoliated and cleansed properly with this routine by your side. So, why are we delaying it more?

Let us directly jump on to the Secret behind The Glossy & Clear Skin of Koreans.

1.    Cleansing with Oil-based Cleansers

The Korean skincare routine starts with this. The prime step is to use a good oil-based cleanser which suits your skin. It will react with your skin to remove bad oils using good oils.

Cleansing with Oil-based Cleansers
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Isn’t that great how good things can flush away the rotten and bad belongings on our face? Our life works the same. So, use a good oil-based cleanser and clean your skin. It will remove all the makeup, dirt and grime from the skin.

2.    Double Cleansing with Water-based Cleanser

Water-based cleaners are light-weight and they maintain the pH level of our skin. Double cleansing is important in Korean skincare because it eradicates any dirt or residue left on the skin. These cleansers help in prepping your skin for further skincare steps.

 Double Cleansing with Water-based Cleanser
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The best water-based cleansers are the Laneige Cleansers. They are exclusively available on Nykaa right now at discount. Washing your face with warm water during double cleansing is very beneficial. It cleans the junk from the pores making the skin clean and supple.

3.    Exfoliating with Gentle Scrubs

When your face finally looks clean its time to exfoliate it using a gentle scrub/exfoliator. However, before that, it is very important to get insights from The Ultimate Exfoliation Guide. It has everything that you should know about exfoliation.

 Exfoliating with Gentle Scrubs
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It is advisable to use a scrub that suits your skin type. Else, one should try Home remedies or DIYs. Exfoliation eliminates the dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. Carefully note that these steps will make the skin dry. So, it is very important to follow the next steps.

4.    Tone using Korean Toners

Open pores are not an issue anymore because toners in Korean Skincare is a must. Toners have this amazing property to heal the skin and tone it. It reduces large pores and tightens the skin further. Skin already becomes dehydrated when cleansing is done two times.

 Tone using Korean Toners
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So, to cover the moisture loss our skin needs triple shots of hydration. Toning is the first move towards hydrating the skin. So, make sure to use a good toner that suits your skin type.

You can also try 10 Pore Tightening Products From Nykaa

5.    Nourish your skin with Essence

Essences are one of the best products in the Korean Skincare routine. You cannot skip this step anyways. Just 2-3 drop of essence smoothens the skin and its surface. The glass skin is revealed without much hustle.

 Nourish your skin with Essence
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Girls who have oily and acne-prone skin must try essence which has Hyaluronic Acid in it. Essences are great for dry skin people. The instant source of hydration & nourishment is the essence.

One must try the best ones which are available exclusively at Nykaa on discount.

6.    Extra care with Eye Cream & Lotion

Korean skincare speaks aloud for extra care and pamper sessions. Therefore, it becomes very important to apply face lotion followed by the eye cream. This step adds a layer of moisturization in the skin making it smooth and supple.

Extra care with Eye Cream & Lotion
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The eye cream is ideal to remove dark circles and protects the sensitive area around eyes. You can never go wrong with lotions which are infused with shea butter, avocado extracts and coconut oil.

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7.    Hydrating mist are life saviours

Finish up your routine with a layer of the hydrating mist or moisturizer. These are legit life saviours for our skin & they add an extra layer of nourishment.

 Hydrating mist are life saviours
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The Korean Skincare routine can be followed every day in morning and night. But, in today’s practical world this is not possible. However, it is advised to do it daily at night or on alternative days.

You can also add brightening masks in the middle of the steps for that facial glow and radiance. So, that’s finally a wrap-up. Be Happy, Keep Glowing!!

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