It Is The Right Time To Break The Beauty Stereotypes

We are living in the 21st century and still, some people define what beauty is. In their opinions, beauty is being slim-fit, fair, long hair and covered body clothes. 

There are these over-concerned relatives who tell us to lose weight because fat girls are not liked by boys. They tell us to apply hundreds and thousands of face masks to reveal the glow which we don’t have. Their clueless mindset revolves around these grievous and burdensome thinkings.

Proud of my body
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But, wait why are we following it? Do we have to feel and become beautiful for others? Well, the answer is NO. Everyone is beautiful. Beauty has no definition nor does it have any face or traits.

“You’re beautiful just the way you are.”

Alessia Cara has quoted some amazing lines in her song “Scars To Your Beautiful”. She says “You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are”. Not only this, the actual summarization of beauty stereotypes that she broke is “And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart”. She has defined what beauty actually is. One should go through this song a million times to feel confident and beautiful.

Well, coming back on our take I would like to break some hilarious beauty stereotypes that people have made. We need to break these limits and outshine the world.

Here we go with the unbearable & toilsome stereotypes.

1.      Fat is Ugly – Body Shaming

Are we still up to this? Girls you should always remember that fat is beautiful and girls crave for curves like fat girls. So, be confident and happy with your shape and size.

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2.      Fair people are only beautiful and lovely

No matter how fair you are but tan skin looks sexy and bold. Girls, don’t try gazillions of masks on your face because your tan skin is your confidence.

fair, beauty
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3.      Girls look horrible and unattractive without makeup

People who think this way are real nuisance creators. Girls look gorgeous without or with makeup. Makeup is just a way to feel extra confident and your spirits. Beauty in its raw form is loved the most.

without makeup beauty
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4.      Short clothes- Slut shaming

Whether they are crop tops that you wear or a blouse of a saree. Both are equally revealing and both are above your navel. So, what’s the point of judging? Girls should wear clothes in which they feel happy and confident whether they are short, long, covered or uncovered. No one has the right to make them uncomfortable in anything they are comfortable in.

slut shaming
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5.      Women over 40 should stay away from red, bold lipsticks

Seriously? Who the hell has discovered the definition of beauty in this way? Women over 40 are definitely young. They can wear pinks, reds, nudes or any lipstick that they like. Red is a bold colour for all the bold and beautiful women out there.

red beauty
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6.      Any mark on a woman’s face is a curse for her marriage

People who judge girls by their face and not heart are stupids inside out. Beauty is not in her face. It is in her heart. So, better be a man and accept your woman with flaws. Tell her that “she is beautiful.”

spots are beauty
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7.      There’s no point of having four eyes. Get the operation done!

Yes, I am talking about specs. I mean who believes that specs don’t make you look beautiful. Girls with spectacles look extremely cute and childish. So, one should never feel it like a burden.

Deepika Padukone in specs
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8.      Curly hairs are out of the ordinary

People are no one to judge you anyway. So, curly, straight, wavy or any hair type looks beautiful. You don’t need to get rebonding or straightening done.

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9.      Short hairs are not a girly thing

Public believes that short hairs are boyish & long hairs are a part of feminine qualities. Well, people, that’s no more a point. Short hairs look dope and girls should get them done if they like. 

short hair
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10.  Coloured hairs especially grey makes you look less beautiful

I think they make you look even more beautiful, young and confident. Grey hairs are foreigners’ trend and if you love it you should get it.

grey hair
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11. Girls must wax their bodies to look good

There has beem enough talk about how smooth and glowing a woman’s body should be. But, what about embracing the raw beauty and god’s gift. It is time that we break the stereotype and break the chains of societial pressure to shave our bodies. Hair on the body are something to be proud of rathen than ashamed of.

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So, these were the beauty stereotypes that need to be broken right here right now. We should accept people just the way they are. Judging them for something they are not is an evil mistake. One should always remember that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. 

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