Garima Kandari
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I am a zealous content writer, editor and trainer. I like to weave my thoughts into words. I carry with me an experience of 3 years in the Content Writing Industry. When I am not writing, I can be seen enjoying nature and spending quality time with my loved ones.

How to match a watch with the outfit?

How to match a watch with the outfit? From being someone’s coveted and most valuable possession to a timekeeper, a watch has several roles to play. It also creates a fashion statement. Hence, a watch is an integral part of…

How To Look Slimmer: 10 Incredible Hacks

How to look slimmer:10 incredible hacks Who doesn’t want to receive compliments and grab the eyeballs? Well, most of the compliments pop up for a well-toned body. So every single woman yearns to look slimmer and steal the show. However,…